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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Scarily Disgusting Halloween Hangovers!

*** Disclaimer *** Do NOT actually try this ***

We bring you the most disgusting, and most effective cures for your post-Halloween hangover!

Cruddled Milk Binge
An all-time Pittsburgh favorite – the older the better! Open it a few days before you plan to have your big night out, and it’ll be just perfect for the morning after. Pro tip: salt, salt and more salt (and hold your nose while enjoying).

Chipped Ham Juice
You heard right: just put the juicy ham in your food processor, and give it a few minutes. Add a banana for the necessary potassium. Yummm…

Candy Crush
No, not your favorite iPhone game, but a rather ingenious way to use all that candy you stole from your little brother’s Halloween stash. Crush it up, spoon it in, and pass out again.

*** Disclaimer *** Do NOT actually try this ***