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Thursday, November 26, 2020


Author spotlight: Anyta Sunday

We got to sit down (well, e-sit-down) with Berlin, Germany resident (and former Pittsburgher) Anyta Sunday, author of the upcoming “Liam Davis & The Raven”, set in our fair city. You won’t believe the scandalous questions we asked, and Ms. Sunday’s answers… Q: The famous Pittsburgh nightlife plays a big role in your new book – which clubs or parties did you enjoy in your time here? A: I wasn’t a stranger in any of the clubs on Liberty, but my favorite still has to be “Cryptions”. I bow to the Cathedral of Yearning. Q: And how about your new …continue reading

Royce’s Ruse (by Anyta Sunday)

A short story, contributed by Anyta Sunday.   I flicked the cigarette onto the brick path and stomped on it, and then lit another. If that cat didn’t quit meowing, Mrs. Trollier from next door would soon hear about it. The rasping howl came again from the hedges, a scraping of nails on a blackboard with a husky note. Easily it could be mistaken for a dry, obnoxious cough. He doesn’t even sound like a freaking feline! A handful of butts collected in a small bunch at my feet. I hadn’t smoked this much in years, but I’d needed something …continue reading