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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Varsity Life

Merry Christmas from The Scribe!

It’s that time of the year again! All of us here at the Scribe send you Christmas Cheer from beautiful Pittsburgh, PA! May your holidays be merry, and the new year a successful one! Liam, Hannah, Marc & Harry

The Raven Saves Again!

Mysterious vigilante strikes again! Still no clue who he is! Last weekend after partying with friends at Rigg House’s Swalloween party, Nick O’Connor did what he did after every party, and walked back across campus to his dorm. Only, the short walk didn’t turn out like it usually did. A few blocks from Rigg House, he was hit from behind. “I was caught off guard . . . didn’t see him coming. I lost my balance and fell.” As the attacker went to strike again, a hooded figure leaped out from the shadows and dragged the attacker off, allowing O’Connor …continue reading

Scarily Disgusting Halloween Hangovers!

*** Disclaimer *** Do NOT actually try this *** We bring you the most disgusting, and most effective cures for your post-Halloween hangover! Cruddled Milk Binge An all-time Pittsburgh favorite – the older the better! Open it a few days before you plan to have your big night out, and it’ll be just perfect for the morning after. Pro tip: salt, salt and more salt (and hold your nose while enjoying). Chipped Ham Juice You heard right: just put the juicy ham in your food processor, and give it a few minutes. Add a banana for the necessary potassium. Yummm… …continue reading